Full Roof Survey

Our roof surveys include access reports, conditions surveys and maintenance recommendations alongside the gutter clean and repairs carried out.

Remote Roof Survey

Where there is no real maintenance requirement remote surveys can summarise the condition of a roof very simply and be sufficient for landlords to accept that tenants are in control of the risks to the building.

Roof Access Survey

Carrying out access surveys is based on our experience of surveying the access to the roof and across the roof safely from thousands of jobs completed safely since 2010 when we started working.

Structural Roof Survey

Prior to  carrying out any major roof refurbishment we need to know that the roof is structurally sound and capable on taking the weight of an work being considered.

Roof Repairs

We carry out all types of industrial roof maintenance including:- Roof Inspections • Gutter Cleaning • Gutter Lining • Cladding Repairs • Roof Leak Detection • Flat Roof Repairs • Asbestos Roof Repairs • Heating and Ventilation Sealing and Flashing • Duct Work Repairs

Gutter Lining

The General Survey team provide an end to end design and installation service for all types of gutters on industrial buildings. All gutters are made to the profile of the existing gutter and can be structural or non structural as per the requirements of the project.

Rooflight Cleaning

Rooflight cleaning is always recommend at regular intervals to prolong the life of a rooflight. We have specialist crews who can clean and inspect rooflights.

Rooflight Replacement

We measure how long projects take in minutes rather than hours. We are the lowest cost installer working to HSE Regulations in the UK due to the volume of specialised works we carry out.


We can manage overcladding and provide tint options and optimisation of rooflighting to suit your workstations.

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding is the very latest in modern cladding construction. From the outset you can design for the best in presentation for your building, the best insulation and the longest life span.

Temporary Buildings

We can provide modular structures to support temporary and semi permanent changes to your processes. These vary between temporary canopies for COVID driven queues – who wants to stand in the rain to shop?

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