Temporary Buildings


We can provide modular structures to support temporary and semi permanent changes to your processes. These vary between temporary canopies for COVID driven queues – who wants to stand in the rain to shop?

Or for external storage of materials – freeing up space for conversion or manufacturing equipment inside the building.


Modular buildings

Instant Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings allow you to adapt the business quickly to a major change in circumstances, see how things go and then consolidate from the benefit of hands on experience.

Extra space means extra scope for stock holding, staffing , or equipment.

Meeting Client Needs

Typically our clients need:-

  • Tunnels  to protect stock transfer from one site to another
  • Canopies to shelter people from the elements
  • Temporary storage
  • Portable workshops for field based conversion of materials
  • Field offices
  • Specialist technical support units for testing or surveillance


We can design, fabricate, deliver and maintain all types of modular units.


temporary building illustration

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