Composite Cladding

Design is Everything

Composite cladding is the very latest in modern  cladding construction. From the outset you can design for the best in presentation for your building, the best insulation and the longest life span.

We  can:

  • Retrofit
  • Facelift
  • Install from new.

The objective is to provide a long term sustainable environment for your team to live and thrive in a good environment that looks as professional as the team inside.

General Survey will deliver the removal of the old cladding to the design and installation of the new.

The end result is to deliver an airtight certified thermally efficient building that works for you and your team.


Fixed Price Contracts

We always work on fixed price contracts for all aspects of roofing and cladding.

Our scaffolders are included in the service and we can manage the recladding project from end to end. All works are under CDM 2015.

The end result is a building you can grow in sustainably for the next phase of your business, sell on rent out to a blue chip tenant at a good return if you need to move to bigger premises to capitalise your success, and which will afford your business and any future tenants the low cost living environment of a modern building. 

Complete Recycling

Composite cladding allows complete recycling of your existing building:-

Using the existing  portal we can strip and resheet everything from a concrete, steel and timber frame building and make into a modren, light airy property fit for the 22nd century.

Recycling an older building allows minimisation of your Carbon footprint while delivering a high value, high quality building fit for all your needs.

The benefits are:-

  •  Improved insulation
  •  Improved energy efficiency – building stays cool in summer, and warm in winter
  •  Increased lifespan of the existing roof
  •  Enhanced appearance with a range of colours, designs and finishes available
  •  Better ventilation thanks to new external skin, and the insulating layer
  •  Reduced maintenance costs for years to come with a markedly lower condensation risk and corrosion







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