Gutter Lining

Design is Everything

The General Survey team provide an end to end design and installation service for all types of gutters on industrial buildings. All gutters are made to the profile of the existing gutter and can be structural or non structural as per the requirements of the project. 

All designs are installed guaranteed on a fixed cost basis with 20 year warranties. Safety is paramount during installation and afterwards for maintenance of the gutter during its life.

In order achieve this we carry out a thorough site safety review and design gutters for long term ease of maintenance. Access methods are designed to be safe.

No deposits are required and the works are carried out in accordance with site safety restrictions and CMD Regulations 2015


Brother industries gutter lining

Gutter Lining Products

All gutter linings are made to the eixsting profile of the current gutter wherever possible. We can line any gutter. 

These include linings for:-

  • Asbestos gutters
  • Lead
  • Mild steel and galvanised
  • Aluminium 





Fixed Cost Gutter Lining Installation

We can cost gutters directly from our design library . Once a quotation is accepted we send a surveyor to site to carry out detailed measurements for a factory made unit.

All gutters are made in the factory and shipped to site for installation with site specific RAMS.

All gutter installations are:-

  • Fixed cost
  • Minimum 20 year warranty
  • 30- 40 year life expectancy
  • BBA Approved
  • Manufactured under ISO9001
  • Designed to CDM 2015
  • Inspected annually the warranty can be extended year by year







All our staff are UKATA B qualified for Non-Licensed Asbestos work


We provide a full gutter cleaning service with mansafe systems for temporary works.         

Surcharged gutters soon corrode when left full like this in Scunthorpe

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