Roof Overcladding

What is Overcladding?

Overcladding means applying a ‘second skin’ to your existing roofing system using metal sheeting or cladding, colour tinted to match. This process eliminates any possible entry points for water so your building remains weatherproof.


Why Overcladding?

Overcladding is a great and cost-efficient alternative to roof replacement. Overcladding can be used to enhance, repair, and improve the condition of your existing roof to make it last for years to come without the need for a costly new roof.

Reasons Overcladding Is For Your Business

Minimal disruption to your working environment and a genuinely cost-efficient solution are two of the main reasons to consider overcladding. Others include: – 

  • Improved insulation
  • Improved energy efficiency – building stays cool in summer, and warm in winter
  • Increased lifespan of the existing roof
  • Enhanced appearance with a range of colours, designs and finishes available
  • Better ventilation thanks to new external skin, and the insulating layer
  • Reduced maintenance costs for years to come with a markedly lower condensation risk and corrosion

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