Rooflight Cleaning

Importance of Cleaning

Cleaning your rooflights regularly is important for keeping as much daylight as possible within your workplace, and it’s also the key to preserving your rooflights and encouraging their longevity. All our installations come with an easy 5-year maintenance cycle at a fixed cost – no unexpected price rises or surprises.

Glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) roof lights can be very costly to replace, and without regular cleaning and proper maintenance over the passage of time, it’s only natural to see that your rooflights become dirty, fibrous, absorbent and fragile to the point where replacement is the only option.



Atrium Rooflight Cleaning and Treatment

Our industrial coating services provide cleaning, sealing and applying a unique glaze which stops dirt and debris from sticking to the roof lights. This means the roof lights remain cleaner for more extended periods of time with the added benefits of natural light exposure and reduced lighting expenses.

Rooflight Maintenance

Rooflights require periodic cleaning to maintain light levels within the building. The frequency of cleaning will depend on local environmental conditions. The sheets should be washed with high pressure pure water. Persistent stains can generally be removed using the correct choice of equipment. 

Let the Life of Light into Your Workshop and Warehouse

Many buildings require a source of natural light. By incorporating rooflights into the roof, buildings can achieve as much as 800% increase in natural daylight. The benefits to your workforce in terms of well-being and increased output can’t be overstated. Properly maintained rooflights are a vital part of your business. The daylight travelling across the building from east to west calms people naturally with the unconscious awareness of morning, mid day and the approaching evening.

This process is softened and enhanced by the installation of northern lights in buildings – generating softer reflected light into the work area.

Rooflights can be of various materials and design, and we’re experienced and accredited in the cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement of all the various types of systems. We offer fixed cost installations and installations in stages to minimise disruption. Rooflights can be replaced  flat roofing, corrugated or northern lights without issue.

All our crews carry portable mansafe systems to ensure safe working at all times. 

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