Rooflight  Replacement

Design is Everything

Many buildings require a source of natural light. By incorporating rooflights into the roof, buildings can achieve as much as 800% increase in natural daylight. The benefits to your workforce in terms of well-being and increased output can’t be overstated. Properly maintained rooflights are a vital part of your business.

Rooflights can be of various materials and design, and we’re experienced and accredited in the cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement of all the various types of systems. We offer fixed cost installations and installations in stages to minimise disruption. Rooflights can be installed on flat roofing or sloped roofing without issue.


Rooflight Repair

Defective and ageing rooflights can be the cause of either roof leaks or insufficient light levels within your premises. We can replace or repair all types of rooflight with up to date systems. We’ll profile match to all types and colours of aluminium and steel cladding, and we’re experts in calculating energy saving and light gains through our work.

Other Types of Rooflighting

There are many types of rooflights in use today, they may not always be repairable if the damage is extensive. If that is the case then a rooflight replacement is neccesary. If we have to replace your rooflights, we use only the best quality materials on the market such as the Supasafe Reinforced GRP profiled rooflights or GRP barrel vault rooflights.

We also install:-

  • Polycarbonate rooflight
  • Georgian glazing panels

Georgian glazing panels are routinely replaced with walksafe rooflights. 

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